Saved by Shiitake

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These past summer weeks have been quite intense. The spring saw such fluid forward movement, like running down a hill with a force not entirely one’s own, it took all trust not to trip up the rhythm. Then things got a bit more choppy, giving room for thoughts. The constant out-of-sync motion became exhausting and the season demanded a shift in gears, but there were deadlines. August brought with it more conflicts, strong rainstorms and the annual leaky roof. I should have seen all this drama as a positive sign, the flow beneath the usual fixtures starting to resume, a call to sharpen my focus and jump back on the ride. But I stood there sorta stunned, exhausted, I couldn’t really see past the water damage, the falling short of my goals and the fading summer. And then, just at my bleakest moment, out came the mushrooms.
Mushroom Bounty 2011


& Sophybot on LAPtop……………….


ISLAND is a 1600 sq ft open ground floor space located at the top of the Jefferson L subway stop, Starr Street exit. We are on the corner of 36 Wyckoff Avenue and Starr Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY.

ISLAND will be presenting this event on the night of Saturday June 5th during the ARTS in Bushwick Open Studios Weekend.

The following bands and films will be playing -
Smother Party ( )



The AWESOME Sophybot will be DJing and doing visuals (

Gratuitous Art Films will be projected between bands.

Come and enjoy an EPIC eclectic kaleidoscopic evening of fun and sensation.
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Sunday Bushwick Open Studios at Island

Open Island. Open Bushwick.

In his final novel, Island, Alduous Huxley envisioned a nearly perfect utopian society, whose naiveté lay in the assumption that any place is ever truly isolated from the greater world. On Sunday June 6th, 2010, Island Brooklyn opens up its doors to its neighborhood.

Come play interactive mapping at Island from Noon- 5pm Sunday

Mark your favorite spot and color in the watershed. Learn where security cameras watch us, where renegade bike lanes have emerged, and secret community gardens blossom. All on beautiful historical maps pieced together on the wall.

Take home a sunflower seed to start a forest.

Limits only exist where we make them. Explode past, present, and future. Revolutionize your relationship to Bushwick.

36 Wyckoff Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11237

*Inspired by Permaculture, the collaborative space of Island serves as a node in the greater US and international movement, providing encounters with social movements oriented around issues of social and environmental justice, wellness and dispossession. Our events incorporate intentional creativity, play, and experimentation in cultivating a prismic view of the behaviors and ideas that may cause harm and may change our world for the better.

Upcoming Summer 2010

New Year’s Spiral

New Year's Spiral 2010
We decided to forgo the usual sort of celebration and instead mark the New Year with a vortex of sorts, being that 2009 was a difficult year to pass through for many of us. We were envisioning spirals as a cleansing agent. Walking past trees discarded on city streets we collected branches and took a trip to a quiet snowy beach to place them. Upon completion the sun retreating we drank wine by the fire under a chorus of boisterous geese.
Welcome 2010.

Halloween at Island

Halloween 2009

Zapata’s Last Dance

As Universe plays, Zapata approaches the altar, is he real or is he an apparition?

Mushroom Magic

Mushroom Magic Event flyer

Magic Circle of Pillows Log Companion Booklet Brushing the Log Log Ladies Hammering in the Plugs

An off-site island event created for the University of Trash that took place summer of 2009 at the Sculpture Center in Long Island City, NYC. It integrated kinetic learning, a relaxed social scene, meditative live musical soundwork by Kenny Wollesen and friends while creating networks of both people and mycelium to extend beyond the afternoon event. Each inoculated log leaving with a person and each person leaving with and inoculated log.

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